Thursday, June 7, 2012


Emmanuelle Chriqui in Toronto - June 2012
Toronto's own Emmanuelle Chriqui got a Heroine's welcome home today from Fans, making an appearance at CityTV's Breakfast Television. The Actress in-town on a Press Blitz raising awareness for Colon Cancer. In 2011, 22,000 Canadians were diagnosed with Colon Cancer resulting in half of those People dying. As it is preventable, Colon Cancer Canada aims to raise awareness in how we can detect it early.

Chriqui is being pitted against former 'NSync Member Lance Bass in a Match called The Power of 2, with both competing to raise funds for their respective Charities.  Find out how you can donate here.

The Entourage Star was greeted by Fans who came ready with "WE LOVE YOU" signs, which she later Tweeted to her Followers.  One Fan even hand-delivered her a Donation, which earned him a big hug.

See the Photo Chriqui Tweeted below (yes, that's me and Billy!):

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. | Emmanuelle Chriqui)