Friday, May 4, 2012


Sheena Easton in Toronto - May 2012
I know I go on all the time about it being an honour to meet so and so, but this time I mean it even more so. Sheena Easton has been an Idol of mine since I was a Kid and I have vivid memories of being drawn to the Television Set every time I saw her Morning Train (9 to 5) Video.   She is a true Vocalist with the rare Gift of a Voice so versatile which at once can move one to tears, yet also fill a Disco.

The Scottish Singer has won two GRAMMY Awards, achieved 15 US Billboard Top 40 Singles and has the distinction of being the only Artist in that Magazine's history to have five Top Five Singles on its Pop/Rock, Rock, R&B, Country, Dance and Adult Contemporary Charts. Easton has sold over 20 million Albums Worldwide and in her day dropped a few jaws after a controversial makeover in 1984 which saw her transform from wholesome-wholesome to an outright sexy Dance-Pop Siren, timed around her much-publicized Collaboration with the legendary Prince. Although its Video was far from naughty, the Clip for Prince-written Track Sugar Walls was banned from Television due to its racy Lyrics. Yes, Sheena Easton was pushing the boundaries of Pop Music even before Madonna.

Since stepping aside from the spotlight, the Mother of two who now resides in Nevada, quietly has managed to star on Broadway, do some Voice Work on a string of Animated Movies (All Dogs Go to Heaven) and now is touring smaller Theatres.  Ontario dates on her current Tour include stops in Brampton, North Bay and Richmond Hill, although there is no reason a Star of Easton's stature shouldn't have filled a theatre in Downtown Toronto with the proper promotional tools.

A heavy Thunderstorm could not stop me from meeting my Idol Easton out in Richmond Hill today and I admit my heart skipped a few beats when I saw her step-out of her Yukon - slightly fuller-figured, porcelain-skinned, her hair a vivacious red.  She was sweet enough to invite me inside the Theatre following her Show at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts to snap a few Photos, exchange hugs and she might even have tried to grab my butt teasingly...  No complaints!  Traveling back to her Hotel with a Band of seasoned Veterans, Easton tells me she's headed back home now after a modest, but successful run in these parts.  Love her forever.

Although the Videos are a bit dated, the Songs are timeless.  Check out a few of my fave Easton Tracks below:


Almost Over You

U Got the Look (w/Prince):

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. | Video credit: EMI Music/Warner Music)