Sunday, April 8, 2012


Still from American Reunion
Now, it would be a surprise if it wasn't number one again this weekend The Hunger Games makes it three weekends in-a-row on-top, taking-in $33.5 million over the Easter/Passover Holiday for Lionsgate/Alliance Films in North America. To date it already has reached monster numbers surpassing the $400 million mark internationally.

Although it gave the Box Office Champion some "Stiffler" competition, American Pie Reunion, the latest in the raunchy Teen-turned-Adult Comedy Franchise, opens to an impressive $21.5 million opening from 3,192 theatres bringing back most of its original Stars even if for just a quick Cameo. Released under Universal Pictures, this installment promises even more darling humour including a full-frontal nude scene with its Star Jason Biggs, who along with Seann William Scott, serves as Producer on the Film. As a comparison, its Predecessor American Wedding pulled-in $33 million in its debut back in 2003, while 2001's American Pie 2 garnered the Franchise's biggest numbers with a $45 million opening. Of course, we're ignoring the forgettable Direct-to-Video Films in the Series, without many of the original Cast.

Titanic 3-D also fares decently in third spot for Paramount Pictures, bringing-in a total $17.3 million, proving that this recent wave of enhanced re-releases are indeed profitable for studios. On a personal level though, I still see it as a cash grab and would rather see that money being invested in giving new talent a chance to be seen - just not on Films like The Devil Inside.

Wrath of the Titans slips to fourth spot this weekend after a number two debut with $15 million, ahead of Mirror Mirror, one of the fewer Family-oriented options available this long weekend, with $11 million.

Most of the action in terms of Ticket Sales was in the top half of the Top Ten, with Safe House, a former number one Film, tallying $581k this weekend.  To date in North America it has earned $124 million in its nine weeks of release.