Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Official Artwork for Cosmopolis
Although we're still waiting on a North American release date for it, several overseas dates have been inked ranging from May to December 2012 throughout Europe and Australia.  This saddens me a bit as it means that Toronto won't be hosting its actual World Premiere at TIFF 2012, although there still is a possibility it may be presented still as a Gala here come September. Fingers crossed.

Above is the official Artwork for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, filmed in Toronto last Summer in what appears to be a Photo from his Photographer Daughter Caitlin, who was responsible for some of the first Stills which surfaced. With a French Teaser Trailer being released last week, the Film has the Director giving us what he does best - extreme violence and tons of edge.  I already am feeling some hints of his earlier work like Videodrome and Crash. This certainly isn't the same Robert Pattinson we saw in Twilight and Water for Elephants Nope.  Eric Packer has arrived!

One of the biggest shocks upon perusing the Poster in-detail is that Somolian-Canadian Singer K'Naan stars in the Film too. Will there be a Musical Sequence too?  I kid.

Watch the Teaser below:

We've been loyal supporters of Pattinson and Cosmopolis and you can click here to catch-up to speed on my Coverage of it. Super-excited to see this! 

 (Photo credit: eOne Films | Video credit: Stone Angels)