Sunday, March 4, 2012


Lindsay Lohan on SNL
Drawing some mixed reviews from her big return to NBC's Saturday Night Live, one cannot help but feel a bit underwhelmed especially after all the build-up leading to tonight's Episode hosted by Lindsay Lohan. Now the problems weren't all entirely all her from a performance standpoint, but more the lack of wit in some of the material she was relegated to.

Starting off with some big laughs, a blonde and almost unrecognizable Lohan put her pride aside and poked fun at her own personal problems during the Show's introduction with her Ankle Monitor going off jokingly as she stepped too far center stage. Kenan Thompson then came on-stage, checking her pupils and then getting a pat-down from Kristen Wiig, before we were re-assured that Lohan's certified and ready-to-go.  Jon Hamm even was on-standby in the event they needed a Back-up.  They kid.  Or were they?

SNL Alumni Jimmy Fallon even showed his support, telling Lohan on-stage, "I loved you in The Help", obviously making a statement about how fellow Ginger - Emma Stone - has taken a number of her roles, that one seeing her star rise in recent years while Lohan has been battling her personal demons.  Lohan replied, "Uh, I wasn't in The Help".  Fallon tells her, "Well, you should have.".

A Real Housewives of Disney Sketch was pre-taped delivering a few chuckles, bringing together some famous Disney Heroines together for some Reality Show Drama. Lohan as Rapunzel was only present, while Wiig as a drunken Cinderella is where all eyes migrated. Nasim Pedrad as a financially-challenged Jasmine from Aladdin was amusing.
The marginally-funny Scared Straight Skit which sees Thompson intimidating potential Prisoners with stories of rape so terrifying that they are uncomfortably funny, was brought back once again. The audience though, visibly could see Lohan reading her lines off a Teleprompter, even when some of the jokes referred specifically to her own career.  She fumbled in her delivery delivering a joke about her role in 2005's Herbie Fully Loaded.  In all fairness though, Jason Sudeikis himself couldn't even get his lines down, breaking-out in laughter as the the Camera faded to Commercials.

Without any other real big laughs clocking an hour-and-fifteen minutes into the Show, finally Wiig saves the day (as she often does) with a hilarious Sketch which saw her tormented by a Anonymous Caller, with Lohan as the House Sitter.  "I'm sorry you're gonna die in my house as I'm off on my topless vacation", Wiig apologized.  Only to realize that she was Butt-Dialing herself the whole time.

Is it a Comeback? I don't think Lohan won-over any new Fans, but she's trying and I think that's all we really need to see.  And if you weren't at least rooting for her secretly, then why were you watching?

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(Photo credit: NBC)