Saturday, March 17, 2012


L to R: McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Starbucks' Shamrock Frappuccino
What better way to ring-in St. Patrick's Day than with a Beverage?  First introduced in 1970 by McDonald's, the Shamrock Shake has been a seasonal favourite for years and if you don't hurry and order one quick, they often sell-out before St. Patrick's Day is over even!  This year, I was proactive and went in the night before St. Patrick's Day and ensured I got my fix. Thick, icy, minty, unnecessarily-sweet and perhaps disturbingly green, the Drink brings back fond memories of Childhood.  A 840-calorie (size Large) exception I'd gladly make once a year, quantities permitting.

Although not officially on their Menu, Starbucks also has a Shamrock Frappuccino which can be made upon request by your Barista.  Essentially, it is their Green Tea Crème Frappuccino, with a couple pumps each of White Mocha and Peppermint Syrups.  Tallying at approximately 600 calories with Whipped Cream (size Grande), this is perhaps a "healthier" alternative, less sweet than McDonald's option.  In addition, you have the choice of holding the Whipped Cream and reducing the Syrup. Rest assured also, the colour in this actually is from Matcha Green Tea Powder.

I admit that even though I do prefer the latter slightly, there is no arguing with tradition and the feeling of nostalgia you get from McDonald's Shamrock Shake. Both are Winners!

Regardless which one you choose, Shamrock Shakes/Fraps for all.  Let's St. Paddy this B*tch up!