Saturday, January 21, 2012


Still from Underworld: Awakening 3-D
Call it a KatebackKate Beckinsale officially is the Queen of the Box Office, poised to make it two consecutive weekends on-top with two different Movies, Contraband last weekend and Underworld: Awakening 3-D this weekend. Based on last night's receipts tally, Underworld: Awakening 3-D brought in an impressive $9.4 million making it a clear Winner.  Note though that it is screening in 3-D which somewhat inflates its total.

Although originally thought to take the lead, Red Tails, starring Beckinsale's Pearl Harbor Co-star Cuba Gooding Jr., settles for second with an estimated $6.02 million.

The reign isn't set to fizzle any time soon as another Sony Pictures Monster in Total Recall, is set to hit the theatres August 3, 2012. She also plays the lead in two upcoming releases set to begin production, The Trials of Cate McCullough and Happy Holidays, Katherine Sloane.

Get it, Kate!

(Photo credit: Sony Pictures)