Sunday, June 26, 2011


Kate Beckinsale & Mr. Will-W.
One of my favourite Actresses undoubtedly is Kate Beckinsale and although she's been in the City for the Toronto International Film Festival in the past promoting titles like Underworld and Nothing but the Truth, unfortunately I'd never had a chance to meet her.  Arriving last month for her Husband Len Wiseman's Total Recall Reboot in which she plays the role of Lori (married to Colin Farrell's Doug), the beautiful Beckinsale has been spotted out and about by Fans and Paparazzi alike. Because I still hadn't seen her, I was beginning to think she was somewhat of a Mirage.

I had spotted Beckinsale on a stroll with her Daughter Lily, Husband Len, another young Lady and their two Dogs Ingrid and Pocket.  The latter even has been spotted on-Set with her.  Careful not to be intrusive, I had asked if on her way back she could take a minute to chat and take a Photo with me and absolutely she fulfilled her promise! 

Upon finally meeting her, I confessed  what a great Fan I am of 2008's Nothing but the Truth.  Despite few people seeing that Film, her portrayal of a Journalist who had taken her integrity to the extreme affected me deeply.  "Yes, it's a shame that it never really made it to the theatres as I was proud of that one", she admits.  I commented also how overall I thought Doug Liman's 2010 Film Fair Game (inspired also by the story of shamed Spy Valerie Plame) paled in comparison and she was touched genuinely, saying "Yes, we thought the same!".

She, Lily (daughter of Michael Sheen) and one Young Lady visiting also noticed that I had brought my Dog Billy out for a walk and the three of them were rather smitten by him.  Beckinsale asked, "Is he a Shih Tzu? and she absolutely was correct!  Their Dogs Pocket and Ingrid - both Female - were so adorably sweet, jumping on my leg.  And the two young Ladies present were so sweet wishing me a good night before they head off after our Chat.

Clearly Beckinsale knows her way around the City rather well by now, with Shopping Bags from H&M and Indigo in-tow.  Due to her busy filming schedule one wonders, does she know at all that her good Friend and Underworld Co-star Scott Speedman currently is in-town?  Or how about her Emma Co-star Mark Strong whom visited the City for Press not too long ago?  Read my Interview with him here.

The brilliant Actress will have a big year in 2012 with Blockbuster-upon-Blockbuster due for release.  Among those will be Vancouver-filmed Underworld 4: New Dawn in theatres January, and also Contraband in which she stars alongside soon-to-be Torontonian Mark Wahlberg, plus Giovanni Ribisi in March.  And of course Total Recall is slated for a 2012 release too.  Will we be seeing Beckinsale back at the top of her game?  Totally.


  1. Thank you so much for this great article!!! Oh God, Kate Beckinsale is SO lovely...
    I also really liked Nothing But the Truth.

  2. Thanks for the update on on Kate.

  3. ...Mr. Will.W try and get an interview with her. Ask her if she's going to make The Trails of Cate McCullough or that movie she is rumoured to be making with Sigourney Weaver. Also, ask her why she's so heavy on action films right now we want to see her in drama which she is sooo good in. I'm so jealous of you getting to talk to her. You lucky SOB. :)

  4. Thanks Guys! You're so welcome. I love her! I even brought her some treats for her Dogs and she was so touched! If I ever see her again I will definitely try to ask re: the Sigourney Film. What a great pair that would be to see!

    Coincidentally, I did meet Sigourney not too long ago also!

  5. i <3 Kate...beautiful, elegant and classy!

  6. How tall would you say she is?

  7. Looking after Pocket and Ingrid this weekend... they're as lovely as their family! And well behaved and responsive to commands... I can't help but wonder if they worked with Cesar at all while in LA.

    All I know is, compared to most small dogs I meet, these two are awesome!