Saturday, January 7, 2012


Jean Dujardin at The Artist Live Chat

Kicking its Oscars Campaign into high gear now, The Weinstein Co. held a Live Chat with the Cast and Director of Best Picture Frontrunner, The Artist tonight.  Questions were fielded in-house from the Audience, Twitter and Facebook and we learned a few interesting things.

I for one, had no idea the Film's Director Michel Hazanavicius, actually is married the the Film's Supporting Actress Bérénice Bejo.  A jet-lagged Bejo, who just flew in from Paris to Los Angeles for the Chat, admits that at first she had some struggles working together with her Husband, but after getting a bit of advice from Friends, she finally was able to relax in taking direction from him.  She also explained that the final dance sequence seen in The Artist actually was quite a challenge since neither her nor her Co-star Jean Dujardin are actually Dancers.  The Sequence which is shot continuously took about 17 takes to get right.

Dujardin with the help of a Translator, explained that he never prior had visited Los Angeles for other than leisure.  He lived in the area for approximately three months and really connected to George Valentin as an Outsider in the 35 days of filming.  He also was flattered by all the comparisons to Gene Kelly he is receiving.

One thing which many people forget about this Film is that the Actors did work with Dialogue and were really speaking during Filming.  Actor James Cromwell however, clarifies simply that the sound is not recorded and captured in depicting this as a Silent Film.

Michel Hazanavicius sums-up the messsage of The Artist nicely stating, "We live in a world that changes very, very fast and it is our job to adapt. I think this is what makes the Film really Human". 

Following the Chat, the Cast and Director went into the Audience, signing Autographs and taking Photos with lucky Fans in-attendance!  Jealous!

See some Photos from the Chat below:
Bérénice Bejo & Michel Hazanavicius
Missi Pyle
James Cromwell

(Photo/video credit: The Weinstein Co.)