Friday, December 2, 2011


Still from Marry the Night
Hmm. Reviews have been mixed for Lady Gaga's err... how do you say... self-indulgent new Video for Single, Marry the Night. Clocking-in at 13:51, the Short Film/Music Video  directed by Gaga herself, documents her loathe of Reality; her cure being Fashion and her Art as she reflects back on painful moment in her life. And she pulls out all the stops including pouring Cheerios allover herself. Some are saying that she is recalling the feeling of her Dreams fading away as she was dropped by her first Record Label (Island/Def Jam).

Finally after much rambling (i.e. "Mint will be very big in Fashion next Spring"), the Video takes flight at the 8:00 mark and we see her writhing about nude in a Bath Tub and also amidst some flames atop a Car, inter-spliced with some high-impact Dancing.

Watch the Video in full below:

Do I think this is excessive? Yes. Do I relate to it or was I touched by it? No. Do I like it? The last five minutes of it all...  Maybe.  Discussion and interest can only be created from a great divide and thus has been the fuel that has sparked the Phenomenon of Lady Gaga.

(Photo/video credit: Universal Music)