Thursday, December 29, 2011


Russell Brand at Casino Rama - December 2011
Everyone seems to be talking about Russell Brand and Katy Perry's possible Separation after rumours were fueled with the Couple spending Christmas apart. Brand was in Cornwall, England, while Perry was spotted on a beach in Hawaii - which some might consider unusual as they have only been married since October 2010. Some are even going as far as to say that both Brand and Perry not wearing their Wedding Rings is a sure sign that they are splitting-up.

If you look closely above, Brand's not wearing a Wedding Band at his Casino Rama Show on December 8, 2011, doesn't seem out of the ordinary. 

Brand also seems hardly to be mentioning Perry much on Twitter of late and the last Tweet in which he makes any mention of her is dated November 18, 2011:
Perry's last Tweet about Brand was December 12, 2011:

In mid-November, Perry made it public that she will soon be taking a year off to start a Family with Brand. Could this be the reason behind their divide?

(Photo credit: Megmegx2)