Sunday, December 11, 2011


Katy Perry on SNL
Katy Perry debuted a new Blonde Bob on her first-ever appearance on Saturday Night Live as Host. Careful not to spread herself too thin, Musical Guest responsibilities were delegated to Swedish Pop Queen Robyn.

Even though Perry's Skits weren't overly ambitious, she did ably deliver what was required of her in a variety of Roles including the highlight which had her playing Pippa Middleton, telling off Queen Victoria and King Phillip, calling them "Geysers", for pressuring Sister Kate to make a Baby. Perry's British Accent was quite spot-on undoubtedly due to the help of Funnyman Husband Russell Brand, just in Toronto on Thursday.

Another Skit had her playing herself on a Finnish Talk Show with Kristen Wiig playing Host and making Perry uncomfortable as Clips were shown every time she answered a question.  One could see that she was able to relax more  by her final Skit opposite a noticeably-slimmer Horatio Sanz, a Stranger she falls in love with based on all the similarities they share including their love for Singer, Jewel.  They even shared a full-on Kiss!

Matt Damon and Val Kilmer also made a quick appearances on the Episode in a Musical SNL Digital Short done in the spirit of The Muppets, along with Andy Samberg and Perry.

Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, Katy Perry & Andy Samberg

Meanwhile, Robyn wowed the Audience with renditions of Grammy-nominated Call Your Girlfriend and also Dancing on my Own.   In the former, she even pulled-out some Hand-Jives and a Summersault.  Pretty snazzy.

Kristen Wiig as always delivered some major laughs, introducing a flirty and funny new Character named Rebecca Larue who relentlessly made advances on Weekend Update Host Seth Meyers. Earlier in the Show's Introduction, she appeared on one of Perry's extravagant Outfits seen in her California Gurls Video, with a Whipped Cream-dispensing Bra and a blue Wig.

Watch full-length Clips of tonight's Episode on Global Television's Website.

(Photo credit: NBC)