Friday, November 11, 2011


Still from The One That Got Away
I've got to hand it to Katy Perry. She sure understands the importance of a Music Video and she could v. well have her sixth number one Hit off of Teenage Dream here with The One That Got Away. I honestly never thought much of the Track at all, so I was a bit surprised to hear about plans to release it as a Single. And after seeing this tragic and touching Video which gives us a chance to see Perry's serious side after a string of fun Videos, I totally get it now. Fittingly, it surfaces on Remembrance Day.

A young and old Perry gets a hand from Toronto Director Floria Sigismondi who brought us 2010's amazing The Runaways, and also Mexican Actor Diego Luna whom you might remember from 2008's Milk in which he starred as Sean Penn's Lover.  I love this Video!  And yes, I miss Perry's circa 2008 hair!

Watch the Video in full below:

(Photo/video credit: EMI Music)