Monday, November 21, 2011


Milla Jovovich, Paul W. S. Anderson and Family in Toronto - November 2011
There is nothing "evil" about these current residents of Toronto at all!  Look how sweet Milla Jovovich looks together with her Daughter Ever and Husband Paul W.S. Anderson as they strolled through Yorkville yesterday to catch the Santa Claus Parade, an annual fixture in our City since 1905.

Jovovich who has been in Toronto since September to work on her latest collaboration with her Director/Husband Anderson - Resident Evil: Retribution - was seen out getting a tall-sized Coffee for herself at Starbucks.  The Model/Singer/Actress utilized the handy pockets of her over-sized Parka craftily to hold one of Ever's favourite Dolls.  The four year-old who recently celebrated her Birthday, had her hands full holding a Balloon she received at the Parade.  Mom & Dad also weren't shy about their affections as Onlookers around Avenue x Bloor got to witness the Couple leaning-in for a kiss.

Anderson and Jovovich's most recent collaboration The Three Musketeers (currently in theatres) might not have made a splash here domestically, but it fared v. well overseas and internationally it has pulled-in over $121 milllion. The possibility of a Sequel is still in discussions.

Resident Evil: Retribution wraps right before Christmas and so far we've had the pleasure of meeting Jovovich, Kevin DurandBingbing Li, and Michelle Rodriguez from the good-looking Cast!

Special thanks to Photographer Tyrone Kerr for submitting the above Photo.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. via Tyrone Kerr)