Thursday, November 17, 2011


Martin Scorcese covers The Hollywood Reporter
The latest Issue of The Hollywood Reporter features none other than legendary Filmmaker Martin Scorcese on its Cover. Scorcese who soon releases Hugo on November 23, 2011 via Paramount Pictures, tells Jay Fernandez about his repressed Childhood when he was frequently silenced and also how his 12 year-old Daughter Francesca inspired him to make this latest effort.

Scorcese says, "You deal with them (Children) every day so that you're made to understand actually how they perceive the world around them, even from the level of their height". "It's a different way of living entirely. But the thing about it is then (doing Hugo) seemed natural. It didn't seem like a stretch. Being around children, I'm very comfortable with them now.".

Watch Scorcese and Avatar Director James Cameron talk to The Hollywood Reporter about the use of 3-D in Hugo below:

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(Photo/video credit: The Hollywood Reporter)