Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sashimi - Yamato Japanese Restaurant
Is it illegal to be fat in Japan? CNN just aired this v. interesting piece of new national Guidelines requiring companies and local governments to begin measuring the waistlines of their Men and Women over the age of 40. Men with an waistline exceeding 33.5 inches and Women exceeding 35.5 inches, are deemed "overweight". Failure to adhere will result in massive fines for companies.

These new Guidelines aim to encourage the Japanese to have lower calorie Diets and to exercise  more as American Fast Food Chains are partly responsible for an increase in obesity in Japan, a burden of their Health Care System. A Company, however can't force their Employees to slim-down.

Only in Japan. Imagine this flying in North America? People would be flipping-over their Burger and French Fries-lined tables.  Nobody would employ me and my waistline, that's for sure!  I'm intrigued though as it will be interesting to see the long-term results of these new Guidelines...

Watch the CNN Piece below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. | Video credit: CNN)