Thursday, November 17, 2011


Director Simon Curtis in Toronto - November 2011
Those attending a Special Advance Screening of My Week With Marilyn in Toronto tonight got a great surprise!  With this being British Television Director Simon Curtis' first Feature Film, many would be fooled judging by the outstanding Cast he is working with in this Adaptation of  the 2000 Memoir of the same Title by Colin Clark. The response tonight was unanimous at Varsity Cinemas as Moviegoers were floored by Michelle Williams' shoe-in Oscar-contending performance as iconic Marilyn Monroe.

My Week with Marilyn centers around a week in the life of Colin (Eddie Redmayne), who stumbles upon a Job as a Third-Assistant Director to Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) in his Film, The Price & The Showgirl. Threatened by the presence of his imposing Co-Star Marilyn Monroe (Williams), we see passions flare as the two Stars clash on-and-off Camera.  We also see an intimate Friendship develop between a married Marilyn and her young, lovestruck/starstruck Confidante, Colin.

Curtis fielded questions from The Movie Network's Teri Hart, telling us that he had only Williams in mind for the challenging part based on her incredible versatility and her careful nuances.  He admitted to being nervous about whether or not she would accept the Role after first meeting with her in New York. Without a doubt it would appear his faith in the once-Oscar nominated Actress (Brokeback Mountain) has paid-off in dividends with buzz reaching a feverish pitch right now for Williams.

After seeing My Week with Marilyn, you will be dazzled by Williams' singing ability, which even Curtis said surprised him.  With a handful of performances seen in the Film, the Director tells the Audience that these serve to give us a bit of that Marilyn Monroe we would expect to see.  The Film however, shows us a side of her personality and those crippling insecurities which few saw.  I cried three times watching Williams' tour-de-force Performance.

See Curtis comment below on Sir Laurence Olivier & Marilyn Monroe:

Although it's a bit scary-looking, here's my Photo with Curtis, who has proven himself here as a Feature Film Director to look out for:

Simon Curtis & Mr. Will-W.

 Alliance Films releases My Week with Marilyn on November 23, 2011.  
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(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)