Sunday, October 16, 2011


Tim Hortons addresses $25 Gift Card Hoax
If you logged onto Facebook yesterday, chances are you received an update on your News Feed from your Friends telling you about a $25 Free Gift Card Offer from Tim Hortons. Canada's number one Coffee Chain took to Facebook to address this as a hoax. What's even more telling is that if you now click on the link for the Card (, it re-directs you to a $100 Subway Gift Offer today. Now come on, that's gotta seem too good to be true!

Be careful, Mavenati. You don't know what these sites do to your Facebook Profiles and Computers when you click on them. Generally a good Rule of Thumb when you see offers like these is that if they don't come directly from the Web Domain (i.e. of the Company directly, you should proceed with caution. 

As an aside I prefer Starbucks and my own home-brewed Organic Allegro Coffee anyway! But I will never turn-down a Timbit.  Nope.