Sunday, October 23, 2011


Still from Paranormal Activity 3
Exceeding all expectations, Paranormal Activity 3 makes an absolute killing - pardon the pun - at the Box Office this weekend.  The Film tortured Moviegoers and its Competitors to the tune of $54 million for Paramount Pictures. Produced only for $5 million, the Horror was a hit overseas also, taking-in $26 million there too. Overall, we are looking at $80 million worldwide for the latest in the critically and commercially successful installment of this Franchise.

Disney is still going strong with Real Steel in second spot, taking-in $11 million in its third week, now accumulating $67 million total domestically and over $153 million worldwide. Footloose (2011) in its second weekend earns $10.8 million, good enough to keep it in third, now totaling $36 million worldwide for Paramount also.

The Three Musketeers, the big-budget first installment of the forthcoming series, earns $8.8 million in fourth spot domestically, which might seem disappointing.  Overseas though, it has performed quite well, earning $64.4 million already.

The Ides of March still is going steady for Sony Pictures and Alliance Films, taking-in $4.9 million this weekend in its third week, now earning $29.1 million; it has yet to open overseas.

Johnny English Reborn starring Rowan Atkinson is the latest follow-up in the Action-Comedy franchise.  Despite only debuting in eighth with $3.8 million this weekend, it has done extremely well overseas where it has made $104.5 million already. Meanwhile, The Thing (2011) slips to ninth in its second week with $3.1 million for Universal Pictures, earning $14 million total.

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