Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mr. Will-W. & Harvey Weinstein
One of the highlights of TIFF every year is that InStyle Magazine Party held at Windsor Arms Hotel! This year indeed was a star-studded event, some Celebrities who took the time to interact with Fans, some who avoid them. Note to you, Ms. Olivia Wilde.

Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein, who doesn't always feel like taking a Photo and caved in at last and even introduced me to his Assistant after I told him how much I idolized him.  "This is my Assistant and she definitely doesn't idolize me!", drawing laughter from her.

See some Photos I got of the festivities below:

Jessica Chastain in Thierry Mugler
Lily Cole
Piper Perabo
Melinda Clarke
Geoffrey Rush
Kathy Griffin & Mr. Will-W.
Greta Gerwig & Mr. Will-W.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. Hey Mr. Will-W

    I see we both share the same love for Harvey. See what we did last year to get to him at the very same venue.

    In order to get our script into the hands of Harvey Weinstein, a bunch of guys take over security and the biggest party at the Toronto International Film Festival .