Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Robert Pattinson at Toronto Pearson International Airport - September 2011
He's back.  And we showed you first. I told you Robert Pattinson Fans that I'd always take care of you and I meant it!  RPatz flew into Toronto earlier this evening, packing lightly and Photographer Tyrone Kerr snapped-it-up, generously offering us this Snap. 

Armed only with a Duffel Bag, a Messenger Bag,  Button-down, Jeans, Shoelaces untied, one of his signature Ballcaps (this time paying homage to the San Diego Padres) and oh, lots of scruff on that handsome face of his.  No Kristen. No Bear.

There is lots of speculation to why he's back in-town, but we're guessing that it's gotta be Cosmopolis-related? We're hearing some Automated Dialogue Replacement (Overdubbing)? Our Spies will be watching, so we'll be sure to let you know when we hear more.  In case you missed some of the super-amaze Cosmopolis content we got here this past Summer, click here to get yourself up all caught-up.  We had a blast, didn't we RPatz Fans?

CTV's eTalk also will be unveiling some RPatz footage tomorrow, so don't forget to check it out tomorrow night too!

(Photo credit: Tyrone Kerr)


  1. Yay back in Canada!!! :) Kristen is in the UK filming SWATH so I didn't expect to see her there, but where is Bear? Hmm....maybe it's a short trip, so he left Bear in LA??

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