Thursday, August 25, 2011


Still from Don't be Afraid of the Dark
Guillermo del Toro rarely places his name on anything sub-par and Don't be Afraid of the Dark is no exception to the rule. The acclaimed Writer/Director produces and writes this Remake of the 1973 TV Movie of the same title, with Troy Nixey directing and surprisingly it exceeds expectations. 

Centering around a young Girl named Sally (Bailee Madison) who is forced to move into her Father Alex's (Guy Pearce) new Home along with his new Girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes), her childlike curiosity drives her to uncover a secret Basement which he prior did not know about. From there, the Story veers a little more towards the mythological, with age-old foreign Creatures lurking about the House eager to prey on Sally in this twisted, yet oddly at-times comical take on the Tooth Fairy.  After physically encountering these Creatures, Sally's Father writes off her fears simply as being irrational and imagined, but will it be too late by the time he sees the truth?

One of the biggest revelations in Don't be Afraid of the Dark, in addition to its crafty Storytelling, is a breakthrough performance from young talent Madison who actually bears a striking resemblance to Holmes.  This Horror Flick although at points a little bloody, rarely relies on the grotesque to get a scream from of its audience. Instead, it keeps us on-edge just enough with creepy vocalizations and use of light, unveiling the Creatures only late.  Alliance Films releases the entertaining Don't be Afraid of the Dark nationwide on August 26, 2011 Grade: A-

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