Friday, July 22, 2011


Spotify - not yet available in Canada
What the heck is Spotify? Everybody seems to be wondering. Although the Swedish-based online Music service isn't available in Canada yet, it promises to give Music Lovers more options and flexibility.  For starters, Consumers can now buy their Tunes/Playlists on Spotify and sync them to a wider variety of devices - including iPhones and Android Phones, among others. Read: not just Apple devices.

From what I gather, you're streaming the Tracks and Playlists instead of eating-up space on your Hard Drives with Downloads. Spotify boasts a current Library of over 15 million songs (320 kbps quality). In addition, you can manage Music you've already downloaded to your Computers with Spotify via your USB Port.  Another plus side is that those of you who don't use Credit Cards online, can pay for your Music via PayPal with Spotify in some countries.

Despite launching in the U.S. last week, Spotify is still sorting out licensing issues with Canadian labels at this time.  In that short span of time, the Service has gained over 70k paid-subscriptions.  I admit it - I'm curious!  Hurry up!

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  1. For the time being, you may want to try rdio. It may be our spotify for a while to come.