Friday, July 22, 2011


Colin Farrell in Toronto - June 2011
Although production is only half-completed on Len Wiseman's Total Recall Reboot, Cast and Director took a break from filming in Toronto to promote the $2 million Blockbuster for Sony Pictures at Comic-Con in San Diego earlier today. Early reports are v. promising, with much of the focus being directed at Colin Farrell, after one Clip (pre-effects) was shown of his Quaid beating down a room of soldiers.

Kate Beckinsale, Wife of Wiseman, will be re-interpreting the role of Lori played originally by Sharon Stone and appeared to have charmed the audience. She admitted that she struggled with having to throw a punch at Co-star Jessica Biel (Melina), whom she calls "one of the most beautiful faces in the world" with her "$3 billion nose".

Bryan Cranston seemed to have received a fair number of questions from the audience but revealed that he has added a more humanistic approach to his Villain, Vilos Cohaagen.  He says, "If you can't invest in the characters then you can have all the explosions in the world and I won't be interested.".

I've been following Total Recall here for a bit since its Cast have arrived.  Click here to get yourself up-to-speed. 


  1. You forgot a couple of zeros. It's a 200 million movie. Btw, Will, since they're only half way through filming and, that means they'll be back in Toronto, which leaves you plenty of time to get an interview with Ms. Beckinsale!

  2. I would only hope not because we do not want the same thing to repeat like last time he saw her btw