Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Robert Pattinson greets Fans on set of Cosmopolis
Burning the midnight oil tonight on the set of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson conserved his energies for an intense scene involving him firing a Gun.  With the Crew being extra cautious on-set this evening in purposefully blocking shots for those looking to take Photographs, opportunities were reduced to seeing Pattinson perform through gaps between shoulders of Crew Members ahead.

Those lucky Fans were patient enough to wait on Pattinson, were rewarded at the 4:15 AM Wrap Time with Autographs being signed generously and one lucky Fan, Deb, who runs both the Cosmopolis Film Blog and also the Twitter account CosmopolisFilm, was wished a Happy Birthday by Pattinson himself, with him taking a Photo with the Birthday Girl!

Despite various rumours floating about that Pattinson's Partner Kristen Stewart was present on-set today after Photos surfaced of her flying out of Los Angeles earlier in the week, these appear to have amounted to hearsay. If she was in fact present as some reports might suggest, she could well have slipped away discreetly before midnight as many watchful eyes were on Pattinson's Trailer during shooting.

Just like the first time I met him, he was just as wonderful today to Fans and it was a delight seeing Pattinson express his gratitude to his loyal supporters.  

Watch a Clip I got of him interacting with Fans below:

See some more Photos below:

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. he is truly the most gracious...gotta love him!

  2. Mrwillw- You seem very sure Kristen Stewart does not exist because you haven't seen her. You stated more than once that Kristen has not been to Toronto and last night said, 'don't believe the rumors Kristen Stewart was not on set last night'. Very definitive statement on your part and are you sure? You seem like a nice guy but your credibility is at stake when you post your beliefs as fact.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    For me to make a grand statement like "KRISTEN STEWART WAS ON SET TONIGHT!" without substantial proof other would be even more detrimental to credibility if it were not true, would it not? At that point in time, a good number of Fans had waited by Robert Pattinson's Trailer without a confirmed sighting.

    I can only report what I see and what others I trust have advised me. Quite simply she was not seen between the hours I and others around me were on-set. Take that for what you will.

    If you feel that my stating what I saw and verified with others around me makes me a non-credible source or a "bad Blogger", then I guess there's not much I can do for you as you are free to believe what you will.

  4. Mr Will, thank you for the wonderful coverage on Rob, and pls be patient and don't be provoke by those overobssesed Robsten fans.

  5. Pics of Kristen on Cosmopolis set july 7th

  6. well you can say what you want but i go by my word that if you have no prof that she is her then stop posting it on your blog and get a life

  7. Such a nice guy :)
    Thanks a lot for checking up on Robert again :P
    I hope you check your facebook often Mr.Will, I left a message on it ! Thanks!

  8. i will check it man and i am i nice guy p so stop it

  9. There's no need, in my opinion, to harrass a man just because he blogs what he sees and ONLY what he sees. If he was there and says he did not see Kristen, then that just means he did not see her. End of story.

  10. true but he did scare kate and her kids twice so what does that tell you about a man who was band from a toronto hotel

  11. Mr. Will-W Pop Maven-(Hope I got the title right this time) I am the anonymous poster who was questioning your stating as fact Kristen Stewart was not on set. I am not the same anonymous poster who continued responding. As to your response, If someone asks you if Kristen Stewart is Toronto and you haven't seen her, of course the answer is I haven't seen her, maybe with the qualification- I have heard the rumors, though. You tweeted, 'Don't believe the rumors Kristen Stewart is not on set'. That was not I haven't seen her-it was 'Don't believe anyone else- she isn't here'. As a source 'in the know' around Toronto you words have weight and since it turned out she was there and left- that was not the message you tweeted. Like I said, you seem like a nice respectful guy, a fan of celebrities just trying to have fun. You did set yourself up as a 'go to guy on info about Cosmopolis' and maybe didn't realize how many people paid attention to your tweets. Unfortunately, there so many differing fan bases of Mr. Pattinson and the whereabouts of Kristen Stewart are like a battlefield for some very over invested fans. It is sad that I even know about this because I obviously being hypocritical. My comment was more in the vein of- because of your reputation if you don't really know the facts- don't state them as facts- which is really good advice no matter who the celebrity or non-celebrity is. Using the words "I've heard', or 'the rumor is' works wonders. Thanks.
    Anonymous- but I own a social media company and I am in love with truth and honesty.

  12. not realey but that ox