Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Drake & Mr. Will-W.
While out for a walk earlier hobbling along with my one injured foot, I crossed paths with the hottest name in Hip Hop - our v. own Drake!  I've actually met the Toronto native on multiple occasions in the past, but this time I had my Camera ready and was able to get a proper Photo.  Despite many others feeling that he is a difficult one to get a Photo with, I must say I've been lucky both times I've tried.

The former Degrassi star tells me that he was on his way to a business meeting at Hazelton Hotel's ONE Restaurant.  Lately there has been much speculation that he is rekindling a romance with Rihanna after being seen together on multiple occasions, including her recent Toronto visit in June.  Still no confirmation from both camps but really, is it any of our business?  Surely both their Fans would have little reason to object!

The last time I got a Photo with Drizzy this past December, our Photo was an #EPICFAIL:

Drake's second studio disc Take Care is set to be released on his Birthday, October 24, 2011 via Universal Music.  We're born just two days apart.  Cosmic Alliance!

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. It's like he also wanted to make the same peace sign in the older pic, but his fingers and brain couldn't agree.

    PS. Last time I talked to Drake, he mentioned he wanted you to give me your Green Lantern ring.

  2. for what so you can get hiched whith him

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  5. I love the Anonymous comments! It's proof sometimes that people are reading!

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