Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Piper Perabo & Mr. Will-W.
Piper Perabo just about wowed all of us when she received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her work on USA Network Spy-series Covert Affairs earlier this year. Despite some of her earlier work only showcasing a bit of her range as an Actress, including sleeper hit Coyote Ugly and Cheaper by the Dozen, it would appear that she finally has landed herself that plum career-defining role.

Perabo who filmed the first season of Covert Affairs in Toronto last Summer, has been in and around town since March working on its second season.  Filming is scheduled to wrap mid-October.

Just recently the set for Covert Affairs was brought to the Financial District after having been in-studio much and the Actress was spotted out-and-about with her Assistant Director. Being in a bit of a rush, she zipped through a group picture with Fans, telling them "Thank you for being so understanding", as she curtailed face time and rushed back to her Trailer.  An insider tells me, "Piper's had a really brutal week and a long day.  Today hasn't been the best for her", explaining her intense focus at the time.

The demanding role of Annie Walker proved physically taxing last season with Perabo having been injured in August 2010 at-work.  Nobody said Show Biz was easy.  Go, Piper!

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