Monday, July 25, 2011


Mariah Carey on HSN
"Get the camera off me please and I know you guys hear me... last time we had an issue. I won't get into it.".

Mariah Carey is a Vision of Self-Consciousness on the Home Shopping Network, making an appearance on the televised retailer last night.  Pushing some Jewellery, Purses and Clothing from her own Collection, Carey repeatedly had to tell numerous members of the Camera Crew to stop filming her as she made it clear that she is still working on her fitness, reminding us time and again how gruelling her "47-week pregnancy" had been.

She even stops to spray herself with a bottle of her own Perfume at one point in what she calls "a fragrant moment".  Love it!  Only Mariah can get away with this.  Do not try this at home.

You must watch below to witness the Diva-ry which one kind Lamb (Carey's Fans) had strung together in a four-minute Clip:

(Photo/video credit: HSN)

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