Saturday, June 4, 2011


Still from The Vow
If this doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will. Shot in Toronto last Summer, The Vow by Director Michael Sucsy now has a release date set for February 14, 2012 via Sony Pictures and it actually looks great!

Watch the just-released Trailer below:

So from what I gather about this now, Channing Tatum plays Leo, marrying Rachel McAdams' Paige. They have a sweet and romantic relationship until they get into a Car Accident which results in her losing her memory, including knowing who Leo is. While rehabilitating, she catches the interest of  Jeremy (Scott Speedman) who vies for her love also - there are punches thrown even!  Audiences love seeing McAdams in Rom-Drams, if she hasn't proven that already with 2003's The Notebook and 2009's The Time Traveller's Wife ...and I expect this one to be a hit.

See some Photos I got of both Tatum and McAdams here last Summer while they were here filming.

(Photo/video credit: Sony Pictures)

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