Monday, May 9, 2011


Photo of Robert Pattinson by Cynthia Oh
With a few reported Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sightings having circulated on Twitter, it is safe to say that Robstenmania has begun in Toronto.

Paparazzi and Fans alike staked-out the Hotel where the low-key Couple are alleged to be staying from as early as 5:00 AM Sunday morning through 11:00 PM, without a trace of the Couple and their beloved Rescue Dog, Bear in sight. Undeterred and determined to get that first Toronto Robsten Shot, some Paparazzi were out again early this morning ready and armed with their SLRs.  Without a confirmed sighting from a credible source, the question is bring raised, "Are Robsten nocturnal?" - as in like real Vampires?

As many of you Twihards know, Pattinson arrived in Toronto Saturday night getting ready to begin production on David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, as confirmed via a Tweet from Twitter User Cynthia Oh (Sojinski).  Oh spotted Pattinson carrying his Guitar and a Duffle Bag at Pearson International Airport. He was wearing an outfit identical to the one he was seeing in, while leaving Sydney Airport earlier in the day.

Stewart, as confirmed only a couple days prior via Thor Actress Jaimie Alexander, was spotted in town.  Stay tuned....  I'm on this, Twihards.

(Photo credit: Cynthia Oh)

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