Saturday, May 14, 2011


So Leann Rimes herself gave me a bit of love advice today on Twitter.  The Country Diva has been in Lefroy, Ontario (an hour and a half north of Toronto) for the past couple weeks filming her CMT Movie Reel Love, alongside Shawn Roberts and Burt Reynolds.  Just last weekend she was spotted in-and-around Fashion District with Husband Eddie Cibrian.  One Paparazzi noted to me that despite Fans approaching the Couple to take Photos on the street, requests were declined as they enjoyed some alone time together. They did however, stop to chat with Fans.

Noticing what could be interpreted as a naughty Tweet from Rimes earlier today, "Ahh to have the time to workout, to let my mind relax and to do some things for myself.... and my hubby ;) so nice!!! Loving this weekend.".  I then Tweeted her about the suggestiveness of the said statement, particularly the "doing some things for myself... and my hubby" part!

Rimes then Tweeted me back clarifying, "no lol... even though that's not bad lol :)".  She actually was getting ready to go out and support Cibrian at a celebration for his new Television Show, NBC's Playboy which I've been following rather excitedly.  She then went on to recommend "the falling in love thing" to me sometime after a bit of back-and-forth.  How sweet!

Although Reynolds has flown out already, Rimes is set to return back to Toronto soon from a long weekend in New York City, with her final week of filming with Reel Love scheduled to wrap on May 22, 2011.

Follow LeAnn Rimes on Twitter here.  She actually Tweets Fans back.  Awesome!

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