Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ed Helms on Saturday Night Live
In what was one of the best Saturday Night Live episodes in quite some time, all stops were pulled for this taping hosted by The Hangover star Ed Helms. Guest appearances from Glee's Chris Colfer, Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and former SNL alumni Jimmy Fallon, plus Musical Guest Paul Simon not only surprised - they impressed!

Long-running Animated Sketch The Ambiguously Gay Duo which hyperbolizes the Homoeroticism of Comic Hero Duos (i.e. Batman & Robin), has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. Last night they decided to throw in an extra wist and give it the Live Action treatment.  And the results were hilarious.  Watch below as Hamm and Fallon team-up in an eye-popping way to save the world.

Watch The Ambiguously Gay Duo below:

One of my favourite Sketches is What Up With That? where one of my favourites Kenan Thompson puts on his best James Brown impression and steals the show from his Celebrity Guests every time on his own Talk Show.  He breaks into song and before you know it, the show's done and his guests often never get a chance to say a peep.

Even though he's usually in the background only in a Tracksuit, Jason Sudeikis' Running Man dance is superb.  Bill Hader usually plays Fleetwood Mac's Buckingham but amazingly they actually got the real Lindsey Buckingham out last night to do a Guitar solo.  Helms even joined-in on the fun too, playing the Banjo.  Comeplete over-the-top... just the way I like it!  And did I mention Glee Divo Colfer also gets shut-out completely?

Watch What Up With That below:

(Photo/video credit: NBC)

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