Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kathryn Stockett at Indigo Manulife Centre
Although I've been going on about it for a bit, Toronto was graced with the presence of Kathryn Stockett, Author of both The Los Angeles and New York Times Best Seller, The Help. Although Disney won't be releasing the Film Adaption of her 2009 semi-Autobiographical Novel until August 12, 2011, Stockett surely is enjoying the added boost in profile of late.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Stockett was raised by an African-American Nanny while her Birth Mother generally was absent from her life. Her Novel explores Racial and Socio-economic tensions in Mississippi during the '60s. The Story's Heroine Skeeter (to be played by Emma Stone) is a College Graduate who returns Home to find that one of the Maids who had helped raise her, has disappeared mysteriously.

Drawing upon her own upbringing, Stockett was interviewed by Heather Reisman before an intimate audience at Indigo Manulife Centre tonight.  She recalls telling herself "This is Bullshit", after coming to the realization just how prevalent racial discrimination had been in Jackson.   Stockett also indicated that she had been careful to distance herself from the Story just enough, revealing "I didn't want to make it a Story just about me", explaining why she chose to explore a different era then the one in which she had grown-up.

Order Stockett's The Help here.

Watch the Trailer in full for The Help here.

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