Monday, May 16, 2011


Still from The Playboy Club
As mentioned earlier, LeAnn Rimes spent her weekend in New York City celebrating her Husband Eddie Cibrian’s new TV series, The Playboy Club. Rimes enjoyed a weekend break from filming TV Movie Reel Love taking place north of Toronto in Lefroy, to enjoy some relaxation and Pastries.

Rimes confirms to me directly on Twitter what she had for Brunch, “Almond Cake, Carrot Bread and Apple Crumble” on Sunday morning before later in the day enjoying a Dinner at The Waverly Inn where she ran into Diane Lane.

And just one day after all of this, surfaces this first-ever clip from the series Pilot which sees Maureen (Amber Heard) trying to cover up the murder of a Chicago Mobster with her Lawyer, Nick (Cibrian).

Watch the Clip in full below:

The Playboy Club (formerly just known as Playboy) will premiere this Fall on NBC.

(Photo credit/video: NBC)

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