Sunday, May 15, 2011


Still from Bridesmaids
Easily one of the best Films of 2011, Bridesmaids is equal parts heartfelt as it is hilarious. The Paul Feig (Superbad) Film centers around Annie (Kristen Wiig), a single lovelorn Woman who is coping with the failure of her Bakery which recently went Bankrupt. Her BFF since childhood Lilian (Maya Rudolph) then suddenly names her Maid of Honour at her upcoming wedding, but Annie really hasn't a clue what to do. Above this, she must deal with the menacing presence of the socially graceful Helen (Rose Byrne), who over the past eight months has become quite close to Lilian, threatening her role as BFF/Maid of Honour.

Annie is involved with Tim (Jon Hamm), a Playboy who takes advantage of her and has no plans to commit to her. Getting pulled-over while driving one day, she encounters Nathan (Chris O'Dowd) who just might the right Guy for her. Being challenged by her own personal Demons and insecurities, Annie finds herself caught in a cycle of self-sabotage and with Lilian's wedding looming, we are concerned whether ultimately she'll  be able to pull herself out this slump.

Although Judd Apatow fills the role of Producer here, his influence is palpable even with Feig helming the Film.  As normally is the case with Apatow's films, they often clock-in past the two-hour mark, yet on that note the characters in his stories are thoughtfully crafted with genuine struggles.  Bridesmaids is no exception.

Melissa McCarthy as the v. overt Megan - unafraid to let a Fart rip - is an absolute scene-stealer in what can be considered a star-making role for her.  Rudolph properly evokes how it feels to be torn between her longstanding loyalty towards Annie and also the alluring competence and charms of Helen.  Yes, Byrne is yet another reason to watch this Film, pulling out the Cat Claws fully against Wiig. I enjoyed seeing her bring out the many dimensions of  Helen's personality, taking her from Alpha-Female to a vulnerable mess so believably.  Irishman O'Dowd is unconventionally hunky and lovable here and like Annie, we too find ourselves succumbing to him, which believe me is a daunting task seeing  how he's up against the irresistible Hamm.

Despite such amazing work from a well-paired Supporting Cast, Wiig is where our attentions are invested wholeheartedly. She truly embodies the spirit of a troubled Annie, handling the delicate moments of the story beautifully while at once bringing out much of that signature slapstick Humour which we love her for on Saturday Night Live.  She has never been better and I consider her a shoe-in for a Golden Globe nomination come Awards season.  Did I mention that she had a hand in crafting the Screenplay here alongside Annie Mumolo?  Such a talent.

Universal Pictures releases Bridesmaids, now in theatres. Any other Film of the genre has its work cut-out after this. Grade: A+

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