Monday, May 2, 2011


This is so tragic!  Baron Leopold Ferdinand Von Magnum the Third recently passed-on and as it appears, his Wife Henrietta Coco and Daughter Josephine Fortune apparently were left zilch.

It appears that he came from a long line of Belgian Chocolate Lovers and staying true to his Mantra, "A day without pleasure is a day lost", the Baron has called a Canadian search for a new Heir to his Magnum Ice Cream Empire.  This Heir must be worthy of his fortunes and equally love that delicious Belgian Chocolate which his ancestors were known to love.  Yes, that's right - the Baron wants one lucky Canadian to become the new Magnum Heir and win a $250,000 VIP Experience.

All you have to do is grab yourself a Magnum Ice Cream Bar (now available in Canada), record a Video of yourself explaining why you should become the Magnum Heir and upload it here.

I am among the first batch of Canadians to experience the magic that is the Magnum Ice Cream Bar.  Creamy, velvet-like Ice Cream coated in silky smooth Chocolate.  My favourite is the Almond variety.  The portion is just right, as are the calories (just 271 of them!).  Heck, eat two of them and skip that Latte.

Follow Magnum Heir on Twitter here.  Good luck, Mavenati!

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  1. I am in love with the Magnum ice cream bar ,it is so creamy and delightfully delicate silky ice creanm ever consumed by my body ,delectacle and I hope you know that I have many other chocolate ice cream bars in my digestion