Friday, April 1, 2011


Still from KAY's My Name is KAY Video
So cute! As you might recall, I did a piece on Nova Scotia’s v. own KAY who currently is still plugging away on her debut Disc with Super-Producer/OneRepublic Frontman Ryan Tedder. Although this isn’t an actual first Single, My Name is KAY is still a fun Track. KAY confirms with me directly, “I’m just introducing myself on this Track”.

A fun Video all in Black & White has been filmed for the Track and it just premiered online today. We see her freed from her mundane Pizza Shop job and taking her brand of sass to the Streets… and Church even??

Check it out below:

Adorable! We love you Kay and can’t wait for the next Track. Canadian Girl doin’ it big!

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(Photo/video credit: Universal Music)

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