Friday, April 1, 2011


Still from Mad Men
And order was restored. It was announced earlier today that AMC and Mad Men Producer Matt Weiner have struck a deal which will renew the series for a fifth and sixth season. Adweek reports the possibility of a seventh season is strong.

On the Docket during negotiations were issues such as Weiner’s Salary, Cast reductions and the length of Episodes. It is said that despite being the most expensive show on Television in costing $3 million per Episode to make, its third season brought in less than $2 million in Advertising Revenue. Maybe AMC weren’t the Bad Guys after all.

It was finally agreed upon that no Cast members will be cut in the upcoming fifth season of Mad Men, set to air March 2012 and that Weiner will allow a total two additional minutes of Advertising per Episode, which hopefully won’t be too noticeable. Yay.

(Photo credit: AMC)


  1. This picture is awesome. I could think of so many ways to use this image with the websites I build. I wonder how they prevented the water from climbing up his pants leg eventually. It's a super cool shot.

    ~ Corey

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  2. So I wound up making a movie blog and used this same image on it for the background and tiled it.


    ~ Corey

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  3. The most amazing series is Mad Men. It's a fun look back into the late 60s.