Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jessie J in Toronto - April 2011
The absolutely gorgeous and immensely-talented Jessie J arrived in Toronto this Easter Sunday morning to embark on a Media Blitz for her debut Disc from Universal Music Canada, Who You Are. Already a Pop sensation overseas, Jessie J is in-town to do Radio Press and also an appearance on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live is slated. She will be capping it all off with an invite-only appearance at The Mod Club, performing a six-song Set.

The Singer/Songwriter has already been awarded the distinction of winning the 2011 BRIT Awards Critics  Choice Award, an honour in prior years bestowed upon the likes of Adele. Above this, her promise has translated to actual commercial success, debuting at number two on the UK Albums Chart, also a respectable number six on the Canadian Albums Chart and number eleven on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 Chart.

Jessie J was all smiles today as she head out to grab some Groceries with her Manager. Most stores however were closed today due to the Holiday but that didn't stop her in her determination to prepare a delicious meal for her Band and Management.  Even with light Makeup, the 23 year-old Firecracker looked stunning in her Toque.

Despite it being rather chilly, she made some time to hang-out with her Toronto Heartbeats (her term for her Fans), signing Autographs and offering to take Photos too. It appears after a bit of a search, she was able locate a nearby Convenience Store to do her Groceries, resolving her problem of what to eat for Easter Dinner.  Earlier in the day she had pondered the matter for a while on Twitter, able to locate only a package of McVities HobNobs in her grasp.

More Photos and Video will come from Jessie J's The Mod Club Show, so remember to check back. And yes, I'm giddy like a School Girl.  Huge Fan.

Jessie J. & Mr. Will-W.
In the meantime, you can follow the lovely Jessie J right here.

What's that?  No fair?  Of course I always take care of my Mavenati and for one lucky Reader, I've got one signed copy (above) of Who You Are up for grabs.  All are welcome to enter, but you have to tell me in the Comments section what your favourite Track off the Album is.  Your deadline is June 1, 2011 and one Reader will be picked at random.  Good luck! So tell me, which Blog always loves you back again?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Price Tag is my favourite song! It's so fun and great to dance to. I love Jessie J!

    Oh, and to answer that very last question, Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven? ;)

  2. I love the ENTIRE album, but I really love Who You Are (especially the Acoustic version), Mamma knows best, and Stand Up. I LOVE the lyrics :) I came across your blog while searching for how to get into the mod club tonight without an invite. Any ideas?

  3. i love the single Price Tag!! definitely a repeat song!

  4. I love Price Tag - heard it first on SNL and I can't get enough of it! Great gal!!

  5. One of my favorite songs would have to be "Who Your Are" it just has so much meaning to me as the rest of the album does. Her music relates to me in so many ways, and has really impacted me in life threw her words. She was brought to this world and for a reason, and I believe it to be to impact peoples life's through out the world.

  6. definitely "price tag". and i love the music video too!!!

    you have the most amazing blog ever. haha.

  7. my fav song off her album is ''Nobody's Perfect''.

  8. Winner has been selected and contacted! Thanks for entering!

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