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Nicholas Braun, Aimee Teegarden & Jonathan Keltz for Disney's PROM
Canadians, meet your next big Teen obsession because if you don't know them yet, then soon you will. And there shall be no escape from the Hysteria.  Nope.  I had the pleasure yesterday of sitting down with talented Actors Aimee Teegarden, Jonathan Keltz and Nicholas Braun of Disney's PROM on the Toronto stop-off of their Press Tour.

After flying into the City late into the evening, Teegarden and her Publicist despite being rushed still made time to peruse the threads of Holt Renfrew. Not yet having a chance to eat, Teegarden dressed in a smart looking navy blue Dress cinched with a Belt and sporting Curls, moved up alongside me eying some Gluten-free Banana Bread at the Refreshment Table; she opted for a Snack Bar. "I love your Wellies", she commented after glancing at my green Boots.  I was caught off-guard completely after obsessing at length over the Cookie Platter. "I wish that I brought my own pair", she mumbled watching the five-day Weather Forecast promising nothing but rain all week. I nudged her over and confessed secretly that my Boots in fact have small tears in the seem to which she gasped, "You need to get them to take them back. That's just not right!".

Aimee Teegarden
As I followed her into the Interview Suite at their Yorkville Hotel, I was greeted by her Co-stars who had shown no signs of fatigue after a weekend of Premieres and Promotion in varying Time Zones. Braun was friendly and towering at six foot five and Keltz, alluring and understated clarified for me that he actually is New York-born and Toronto-raised, before having found greener pastures in Los Angeles.

Teegarden tells me that she was the first to be approached by Director Joe Nussbaum, meeting with him to discuss PROM's Script with her in mind specifically for the leading role of Nova, a headstrong Student Council President with her Life Plan all mapped-out for herself. That is, until she falls for the Boy her Father doesn't approve of right before the biggest night of a Teenager's life, Prom.

She was still filming now-defunct Television Series Friday Night Lights when she was in negotiations to star in this project. "I was a little reluctant at first to sign-on after hearing that this was a Disney Movie about a Prom. I wanted to stay away from anything over-acted and sparkly", she confesses. It wasn't until Nussbaum revealed he was crafting PROM in the spirit of an '80s-type John Hughes Brat Pack Film was she convinced fully. She even had a hand in casting her love interest via a series of Chemistry Tests (no, not the kind involving Litmus Papers). The coveted role of Nova's Bad Boy love interest Jesse went eventually to Thomas McDonnell, who unfortunately had to cancel his Toronto visit at the last minute due to illness.

Jonathan Keltz
Co-stars Braun and Keltz originally both had auditioned for the role of two-timing Football Captain Tyler (DeVaughn Nixon) in one of the Film's key subplots. Like Teegarden, Braun had hesitations about being too "Disney". Upon first reviewing PROM's Script, he felt the character of Lloyd - an awkward Guy on a mission to get himself a Prom date only to see each thoughtfully-planned attempt backfire comically - was written too similar to that of a character he already played in TV series 10 Things I Hate About You. He worked with Nussbaum closely saying, "We decided to make Lloyd a bit more jaded and sardonic". When I commented to him that his performance actually was reminiscent of a young John Cusak (which Keltz agreed with), he was flattered greatly.

Keltz who plays Brandon, a scholastically-focused Vice-President to Nova's Student Council President, reveals that the process involved in creating some History with his fellow Cast mates was a bit rushed considering that he was added late in the mix; at the time he was busy filming HBO's Entourage. The Cast did have many Game Nights and Dinners together allowing them a chance to bond. "We're all pretty amazing at Cranium Turbo Edition now!", he laughs.

Nicholas Braun
Braun, other than doing a bit of preparation with his younger Sister Tess (Raini Rodrigues), felt that a lack of rehearsals might have benefited him. He explains, "Because Lloyd woos a number of Girls, all Strangers to me, it kinda worked in my favour that I didn't get much time to prepare. Those Girls were meant to be out-of-reach for Lloyd".

Teegarden comes from more of an Improv background and actually shuns the repetitiveness which comes with over-rehearsing. "I spent a bit of time preparing with Mei (Yin Chang) and Ali (Janelle Ortiz) who are my BFFs in the Movie". On working with McDonnell, she admits "Thomas doesn't love Improv, which is the complete opposite of me". Perhaps their conflicting approaches if anything, also helped make their Bad Boy/Good Girl Romance that much more believable?

Braun, Teegarden, Keltz & Mr. Will-W.
Despite Nova and Jesse's Love Story being where most of our attentions are directed towards, there also is a bit of a past lingering in the background between the characters Brandon and Nova. Keltz tells me, "Brandon's character has to take stock of his situation and right now his energy is completely on his studies and career". This makes it impossible for him to commit to anything heartfelt with Nova, despite Brandon being the one who asks her to Prom initially. Teegarden adds, "Nova definitely has feelings for Brandon and has since Childhood. She feels in her heart that they could've been the perfect Couple.". As is the case in life, only so much can go according to plan.

Will Nova make it to Prom with the right Guy? You'll just have to find out when Disney's PROM hits theatres Friday, April 29, 2011.

Check out this fun Clip I got below of Teegarden, Keltz and Braun talking about their own personal Prom experiences! Would you believe Braun went to three different Proms? Stallion!
Hunter, maker of Wellington Boots, the Cast of Disney's PROM feel strongly that you should fully replace my torn Boots!  They said so. 

Visit the official website of PROM here.

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(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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