Saturday, April 9, 2011


Bella Thorne, Mr. Will-W. & Zendaya
All work and no play makes for no fun. Disney Divas Bella Thorne and Zendaya, known best for their work on the hit Series Shake it Up, arrived in Toronto earlier in the week.   Since then, they have been in and out of Production Meetings all week long. That hasn't stopped them from having a good time though, Tweeting about how much they love our Eaton Centre and restaurants like Gretzky's and Fionn McCool's!

Bella and Zendaya had a fun Girls' Day Out which included Manicure/Pedicures. Earlier in the day they were seen out by the TIFF Bell Lightbox with their Parents - Bella with her Mom (to whom she bears a striking resemblance!) and Zendaya with her Dad.

The Girls weren't shy at all about their love for Toronto Fans, posing for Photos and signing Autographs generously.  Myself and a few Fans caught the Girls playfully egging each other on after their Nails were done, with a light Takeaway Dinner from Subway in-hand. They even had matching Louis Vuitton Bags!  Talk about BFFs!  Zendaya told us that she has been in Toronto a few times before but hasn't had much time to go out and enjoy the City yet.

Bella opted for amazing Glitter 'n' Gold matching her fun spirit while Zendaya opted for Fire Engine Red, proudly flaunting the fruits of their patience at the Nail Salon. And they were unbelievably friendly and down-to-earth, taking turns posing for Group Shots with Fans while Zendaya's accommodating Father helped take Photos. He also took Photos of Fans on his iPhone too!

Bella and Zendaya are currently at work on a TV Movie tentatively titled Frenemies, by the same Production Company which brought us the Camp Rock Franchise.  Details are nil on its Plot, but whatever it is about, expect their passionate legions of Fans to love-it-up!  Frenemies films in the City from April 11 through May 16, 2011.  All the best with Filming, Ladies.  You are awesome!

Bella is on Twitter here and Zendaya is on Twitter here - and they love their Fans!

Now for the fun stuff.  I will be awarding one lucky Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven Reader a set of  guaranteed authentic signed Photos (above) from Bella and Zendaya!   One Winner, two signed Photos. To qualify for the win, tell me in the Comments section, all about your biggest Frenemy.  You have until May 15, 2011 midnight to qualify.  Good luck, Mavenati! All are welcome to enter.

And check out this super-sweet Tweet from Bella herself to me on meeting me today.  Aww!

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. hi im @ThorneCrew from twitter. i want to win the signed photos of bella and zendaya. i love them both. and im a supporter of bella. If i win, iLL put that to my collections of my bella thorne resources. or iLL give it to my cousine coz she loves bella thorne too.

  2. Hiya I would love to win the signed photos cos I love to watch and listen to shake it up when I am eating Smartie Ice-cream!I have sent off for Bella's Autograph about a year ago now and I still havn't got it so I would love to do it!!!!!

  3. I basically have one frenemy. We used to be friends from pre-k up until 3rd grade. We started hanging out less and would basically go over each others house as a last resort. She would even get mad at me if I talked to anyone besides her!!

  4. I still see my frenemy every single weekday. We were friends in 3rd grade and became best friends in 4th grade. She always wanted to be 1st, and the leader. When we were in groups she was always 'the captain'. She indirectly bullied me. She would roll her eyes whenever I said a joke, or would add mean comments jokingly, and if I ever tell her that it was mean she'd say that I was a crybaby who can't handle a joke. We were friends, we had fun together and laughed together, but I have always felt like she secretly hated me. In Junior High, I slowly drifted apart from her, we're still good friends but not best friends, she's still the same person.

  5. i would like to win the autographs by zendaya and bella!!! my frenemy is this girl Samantha she was in my class last year then all out of the ordinary she got mad at me and i didn't even do anything to her her and she is so mad at me!

  6. i would like to win the autographs by zendaya and bella!!! my frenemy is this girl Samantha she was in my class last year then all out of the ordinary she got mad at me and i didn't even do anything to her her and she is so mad at me!i am @meolah16 on twitter!

  7. so...there was this girl, Katherine, in my middle school. she was really popular among us and everyone loved her.For some reason we were sort of close friends back in 7th grade. but then in 8th grade, she found out that a boy that she had crush on likes me, so it kind of upsets her a lot. i mean, i totally get her, but it was not my fault, right? but she stopped talking to me anyway. it was kind of sad.

  8. UGH!!! Leah Morris! Nuff said! She acts like my best friend and i know that i really am her best friend. She isn't gonna find anyone else who likes her because of her personality. She is like one of those black folks who walk around with their chest sticking out 4 feet. She also told this guy that i have liked or 5 years that i was a slut with many more details that i dont really want to share. Which made him like me, but for all the wrong reasons. She is also a huge liar!!! i swear she lies so much somtimes i think she is bipolar! Anyway, I will always be HER best friend cuz she doesn't have anyone else...she just won't be MINE. Frenemies suck! P.S. i love bella and zendaya soooo much! So please offer me the picks.

  9. oops the one about leah is from me i forgot my email address! sorry!

  10. i would like to win the signed autograph!!
    when i was in kindergarden there was this girl autumn who was like my best friend. until second grade she became a cheerleader and got highlights and thought she ran the show! she now hates me but i dont fall down to her level nomore!