Thursday, March 31, 2011


Still from Katy Perry's E.T. Video
Wow! Although it wasn’t one of my favourite tracks off of Teenage Dream, they’ve managed to make this one rather exciting. Katy Perry just premiered her new Video for E.T., her fourth consecutive Single to reach the top of the U.S Billboard Hot 100 Chart, dethroning Lady Gaga’s Born this Way after her six-week reign. Toronto Director/Artist Floria Sigismondi helmed the Video, going back to her Music Video roots after much acclaim with her 2010 Film The Runaways.

E.T. is an über-expensive looking Sci-Fi Odyssey/Love Story which has a barely recognizable Perry bringing her Alien Lover to life with a kiss. Above this she actually v. ably acts in the Clip, a pre-cursor to her upcoming appearance in Sony PicturesThe Smurfs. And oh yeah, a certain Rapper appears in this re-vamped Radio Edit.

Watch the Video in full below:

(Photo/video credit: EMI Music)

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  1. Dam Katy looks AMAZING! I loved the video. I love the part “I wanna walk on your wavelength and be there when you vibrate” She looks so dam beautiful there. She deserved the #1 spot for sure. I do think Kanye is a waste of life and ruined the song though.