Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dear Mavenati,

I appreciate all of your messages making me aware that you had difficulty accessing Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven today. Needless to say I am a little embarrassed as I was unable to action this sooner since I was away for most of the day gathering content.

Site Stats 3/10-3/16 - courtesy of SiteTracker

The traffic I received today was much more than I had anticipated and what I normally receive, resulting in my Blog exceeding bandwidth for the first time ever. Of course, this is not all bad as it only means that overwhelming demand has led me consciously to stop being so frugal and upgrade capacity to ensure that this does not happen again.  None of you deserve to be shut-out of any content here.

Thank you for your patience, love and support, Mavenati. You have excellent taste. Please continue visiting and being vocal with your feedback. I love it and love you!