Sunday, March 13, 2011


Natalie Dormer & Mr. Will-W.
ABC's eagerly-awaited Television Series Pilot Poe starts filming tomorrow and I've spotted a few more Cast members in and around town. No luck yet though in sighting its star Christopher Egan, who reportedly has transformed his appearance with darker hair.

I did have the pleasure of meeting lovely The Tudors star Natalie Dormer who will be playing the role of Celeste Chevalier, romantic partner of Edgar Allen Poe (Egan). Dormer who actually is a Blonde originally, was absolutely lovely taking the time to chat for a bit after a day of preparations, telling me that today was a bit hectic as final touches are being completed for tomorrow. She spotted my Hunter Wellingtons and thought brought her a big smile, being a Brit.
Kevin McNally & Mr. Will-W.

Veteran Actor Kevin McNally, a fellow Brit to Dormer, also was spotted today and many of us might remember him for his work more recently in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He will be playing the role of Kyle Kilpatrick in Poe and he also was v. friendly, chuckling at my complaints of the cold weather in Toronto. "Come on now, you should be used to it by now!", he told me. Well, he does have a point.

I wish the Cast and Crew of Poe all the best with filming as the Series looks superb already in its perfect casting.  Cannot wait to see how it will turn out and I cannot wait to meet The Talented Mr. Egan!

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