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Mindless Behavior - Toronto, March 2011
It's been over two years in the making, but Pop Music will soon be embracing the debut of a new Teen phenomenon, Mindless Behavior. The Boy Band, three parts Los Angelenos and one part Philadelphian, have won the praise of industry Icons like Diddy and Janet Jackson, the latter who has handpicked them to join her on twelve key dates for her NUMBER ONES: Up Close and Personal Tour. Just having landed in Toronto after their first stop-off in Chicago earlier this week, I caught up backstage with the Boys of Mindless Behavior - their first ever Canadian interview - at a venue Midtown, a private Showcase organized by Faze Magazine.

Starting off our session with a quick Photoshoot, I was amazed firstly by the level of seasoning these Boys showed, comfortably throwing poses at the Camera - each defining who they were on a personal level. Prodigy, decidedly the lead Vocalist of the group, is confident and understated, giving me full-on Diddy. Princeton is colourful and outgoing, his hair actually reminiscent of a young Prince. Roc Royal is grounded and approachable. Ray Ray although the quietest and perhaps most endearing, is by no means shy on-stage.

The Boys explain to me the process of how they came to be Mindless Behavior with Princeton telling me, "Roc Royal and I were chosen out of 600 kids by Walter Millsap (Beyoncé) and Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga) first, then came Prodigy from Philadelphia who was discovered on YouTube by our Choreographer. Ray Ray joined our group last.". Life hasn't been all Escalades and Red Carpets though since being signed to Interscope Records by Jimmy Iovine. He adds that "for two years we have been going to classes for Vocal Lessons, Media Training and Choreography. We're all being Homeschooled now.".

Roc Royal breaks down for me what a typical day looks like for Mindless Behavior, "Our days are about seven hours long, four are spent studying. At least once a week we turn in our Homework.". Asking the Boys on whether or not they miss being at home with their hectic new schedules, all reply with a resounding "Yeah" in unison.

The Boys clarify to me that they haven't yet met the legendary Janet Jackson, but they all have the utmost respect for her. They tell me that a collaboration with her is in-the-works, although it has yet to be recorded. One Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven reader Melissa, insisted on knowing which song of Jackson's they enjoyed most. Prodigy who naturally would be more familiar with her recent work answers, "Definitely, Feedback!" to which Roc Royal and Ray Ray also chime-in on, repeating that sentiment. Princeton, like me, thinks that Rhythm Nation is her defining work. We all agree though that Scream, the 1995 collaboration between Janet and brother Michael, is undisputedly the best Video ever.

Ray Ray
Like the rest of us, Mindless Behavior's members also get starstruck. Prodigy tells me, "Although I've never met Usher, I would love to meet him. He's amazing.". Roc Royal tells me that Toronto's v. own Drake is among his biggest Idols, but adds to his list Will Smith, Kanye West and Prince. Ray Ray also looks up to Will Smith a lot, but admits, "I am a huge fan of Eminem.  He's my biggest influence.". Princeton reveals that he actually has already met his biggest role models, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga.  He admits, "I was really starstruck when I saw them". When I told him last week that Lady Gaga was just here a week ago, he asked excitedly, "Is she still here?".

One thing anyone will notice immediately with Mindless Behavior is that they are styled impeccably. Roc Royal gives full credit to their Manager Keisha Gamble who wasn't schooled in Fashion, but has a keen sense of what looks good. Gamble tells me that she's been in Artist Management for a while now, but just may now be hitting her best stride with Mindless Behavior. "I was with B2K early-on and am now working with an Artist named Money too, who has worked with Timbaland. She'll be releasing an album soon", she reveals.

Roc Royal
When asked what Fans can expect on their already-completed debut Disc #1 Girl due this Summer, Princeton hints, "It's R&B-Pop. All of our songs are about Girls, because we're still looking for our number one Girl!".

In an era where Pop Music is growing crowded with Teen Idols like Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, I ask them, what exactly makes these Boys stand-out from the others? I'm told, "Mindless Behaviour is all about Movement. We're a Lifestyle, Fashion and Art. We're all about expressing Yourself".  Embrace the movement.

Shortly after our Interview, the Boys arrived on-stage for a five-song Set before a crowd of screaming Girls, literally pushing and climbing their way to the stage.  It is reported that their Autograph Session almost had to be halted due to overwhelming response.  Now, how's that for an indication of what's to come?

Watch Mindless Behavior perform #1 Girl below:

The Boys were also had a special message for Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven readers.  Check it out:

Check out some more Photos below of Mindless Behavior:

A Signed Photo Giveaway is coming up shortly, so keep checking back for more details!  Visit Mindless Behavior's official website here.

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)



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  4. This Dynamic Quartet band of brothers put together by Vincent Herbert, Walter Milsap. and Keisha Gambell has a pop R&B sound and style of dress that drives their female fans wild. Prodigy the lead vocalist brings flavor and suave to the group with smooth dance steps and back flips that rocks the crowd. Roc Royal is the groups rapper, Ray Ray Krumps and Princeton has his own flamboyant style. MB was signed by Interscope records and debuted #7 on the Billboard Charts with their first Album, Girl Crazy including their hit song #1 Girl! Mindless Behavior is one of the hottest young groups to hit the music scene since the Jackson Five garnering more than 23 millions hits on Youtube! Look out for their upcoming overseas tour, scheduled for 2012!


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