Friday, March 4, 2011


Lady Gaga greets Fans at Toronto Hotel - March 2011
Attempting for a seventh time today to meet and get a Photo with Lady Gaga, my luck fell short yet again. Well, actually I can't quite blame it on luck alone as there might have been a bit of maliciousness involved.

Waiting outside of Lady Gaga's Yorkville Hotel today were a small group of Fans, a few Paparazzi and Autograph Collectors. Being quite frigid and rainy, only the truly dedicated had waited as Lady Gaga did a round of Press inside her Hotel for the likes of CTV's eTalk and MuchMusic.

Anyone who's followed my Blog or even knows me on a personal level will know v. well that I am an ardent supporter of Lady Gaga and have always been since MP3s leaked well before her Debut Disc The Fame was even released. Many of my Friends, a few who are influencial DJs in the City and Music Bloggers, have given me thanks for turning them onto Lady Gaga. At the end of the day however, it is her sheer talent and drive which has gotten her where she is, even though many people like to take credit for her success story.  I might not be the type of Fan who wears shirts that say "I LOVE LADY GAY GAY" or show-up to her Concerts in Drag, but that in no way makes me any less of a Fan.

Over the past two years, I've seen her perform six times, three of those times at The Monster Ball Tour, once with my two Nieces. I own all her releases and Special and Import Editions ad nauseum. My Bedroom Wall is decorated with a large mounted Poster for The Fame Monster for crying out loud and if you asked me to sing any Track off of hers to-date by rote, I probably would be pretty good at it. Ask me about Current Events in the World.... not so much.

It has always been a great hope of mine to one day meet Lady Gaga and even though in my time I have been graced by the presence of many a Celebrity, she has always been at the top of those whom I aspire to meet the most. This has even been documented in a profile about me in The National Post. I have made the efforts - believe me - but have fallen short. Whether it be waiting hours on-end at MuchMusic on multiple occasions, a total three occasions while she was in Toronto on tour, or more recently, these past two days.  I just haven't been lucky.

Although I'm sure many will argue that my obsessive behaviour is a bit disconcerting, I have no shame in admitting I'm a Super Fan and love meeting people I admire. It's harmless and stops after I get a Photo with them and get a chance to tell them what a great Fan I am.  Life's too short and this is what I love to do.

Today I was at Starbucks in Yorkville and crossed paths with one of Lady Gaga's Handlers. Last Summer when I had met him for the first time, he saw how hard I had worked to get something as simple as an Autograph from her and after asking nicely, he offered to hand a couple CD Covers to be personalized by her. I included Postage, Sharpies and Stickie Notes with who to personalize them to. I never saw them again.

Seeing him today, I had asked him if it was possible to pass over one Photo to her to be personalized after seeing he was accepting an 8x10 from another Fan, his answer was an abrupt "NO." I probed further which seemed to have irritated him, "Well, I see you're making an exception for one Fan and seeing that I never got my items back last time, could I get your help?". He was abrupt again and advised me "This Photo I'm having signed is for a special circumstance" and he walked off.

Gaga's Handler
Finally after a long, miserable wait in the Cold, Lady Gaga came out of her Hotel with her Handlers around 5:30 PM dressed provocatively as usual and ready to greet Fans. The one Handler mentioned earlier, walked her over to a few Fans, including some who already got an Autograph earlier in the day with his help, allowing Lady Gaga to take Photos with each of them. Those he appeared to suspect as eBay Dealers were ignored - including myself. The fact of the matter though is that despite her Handler's efforts, he actually wound up bringing her over to a few eBay Dealers who probably couldn't even name one Lady Gaga track if they were to be grilled.

Trying desperately to get Lady Gaga's attention as she grit her teeth at me, I kept calling out "Gaga, please! Gaga!" and her Handler noticed me, grabbed me and shoved me against a potted Topiary on the sidewalk. Shocked, I recovered quickly after losing my balance. He then repeated the action again. I was pushed and shoved not once but twice.  I can vouch that I was in no way exhibiting frightening behaviour warranting that type of treatment; it's not my style to be physically confrontational. Now if that isn't malicious behaviour on this gentleman's part, I'm not sure what is. A couple on-lookers then came over to me to tell me "I don't believe what I just saw" and asked if I was okay as Gaga's Handler sat in the front seat of her Tour Bus as if he had done none wrong.

Let's be honest here.  I don't plan to press charges because - well - who's going to care really that I got pushed and shoved by Lady Gaga's Handler into a Plant - especially now that they are en route to Buffalo for her Show tonight? The Police on-site actually were requested by her Hotel/Handlers to ensure Lady Gaga's safety so there's already an us versus them mentality.  "Us" being the Hotel/Gaga's Handlers/Police; "them" being the volatile and dangerous 15 or so Fans in waiting.

Needless to say, I am still a little shaken by what had occurred. I'm partly disappointed that I've missed my seventh opportunity to meet Lady Gaga - again she was so close - and also, I haven't been bullied in that matter since I was in Grade Six.  Never in my life have I gotten into a physical scuffle nor did I think that in my 30s that I would do so now.  I hope truly that someone in her Management catches wind of this because with all my heart I believe that she wouldn't stand for her true Monsters being treated this way. 

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. That is terribly unfortunate Will. I saw you at numerous TIFF events and would definitely vouch for you...I am sure you were not behaving in any way that would warrant that type of reaction from a handler.
    I am sorry for how everything worked out. I hope you get the opportunity one day to meet her.

  2. You've articulated yourself very well, Will. I hope writing about it gets it out of your system at least. He was out of order and maybe your consciencuous peice here will make others think twice about acting the same way. The sad thing is, maybe you do need to wear t-shirts and cigarette glasses just to make it clear that you're not an ebay-fiend. I once waited outside a Cyndi concert and could not believe that those waiting with us just walked off in a completely different way to where the concert was after Lauper entered the building - I had no idea people did this. Anyway, hope that guy hasn't put you off trying again as it will be a great read when you do.

  3. Boo hoo! 1)Who gives an eff about your fandom - GET TO THE STORY 2)the story? I am sure you sifted your little story through the victim machine 3)you were badgering - you really need to STFU when working with the security of well known people 4)Go walk it off and lick your wounds and SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR FUCK'S SAKE

    Someone who has met Gaga

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your sobering journey but the whole essence of my Blog is about the Celebrity/Fan Dynamic. Sorry if I'm not as hard-core and all-balls as you. Congrats on your meeting Gaga.



  5. Only Anonymous #2 was mean.

  6. I was one of the fans who meet and had their photo taken with Gaga outside the Hazelton. I'm sorry you haven't had any luck, but have you thought maybe you haven't been successful in meeting Gaga because you're going about it the wrong way, until I saw this blog I was telling people a aggressive pap got pushed over. If I got that vibe then her security definitely would have, next time try and stand out more as a fan, make some effort for Gaga =)

  7. You did say, "Gaga Please" ! I think your sincere and honest explaining your serious trauma experience here. Just Terrible ! It is so obvious that the Handler here just has a Big Head and so little Balls and just cause this particular Handler provides his security services to a BIG Artist it doesn't mean your above the LAW ? Some Artist's off the stage, behave like they are above the LAW ! Mr Will-W, What you need here is a TORONTO lawyer with huge balls that would take this on for you. You did not have to experience this Trauma in your life. NO one should ever experience this Trauma. Especially a devoted FAN of any Artist. Mr Will-W, Press Charges -OR- settle for an exclusive 1 hour private session with you and one guest of your choice, which includes a Video and Photo Op with LAGAGA to cover all your expenses paid at any destination in the world that GAGA's management schedules for you, upon your approval - OR - A reasonable monetary settlement for your serious physical and emotional trauma you have experienced in TORONTO at that moment where you felt safe and secure that you would get your special civil moment with LAGAGA. I have posted your blog on my facebook page and shared your story, added you as a friend on facebook as well. What's it going to be Will-W ? Let me know !
    Jerry C

  8. Dear Anonymous - thanks for reading. Gaga's handler definitely knows I am a Fan - we did cross paths last year where I did ask for an Autograph last year and again, this time around I asked again for an Autograph. I carry a point and shoot camera with me - anyone would know it's not the same as the big professional ones the Paparazzi sport.

    I honestly don't think I did anything wrong - my only wrong is not wearing a shirt that read "I LOVE LADY GAY GAY" or make Fan Art for her. Honestly, seven times. Anyone who follows my blog will know I am not by any means aggressive.

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  10. Wow! I'm so heartbroken for you. As a fellow HUGE GaGa fan, I know I would be DEVASTATED if this ever happened to me. I really wish I had known which hotel she would be at so I could try and meet her as well, or even just get as slight glimpse of her lol. Anyway, hope your able to get past this unfortunate incident. DON'T GIVE UP!!! Next time she's here, keep fighting for a meeting/autograph/photo. I also truly believe she would NOT stand for this kind of treatment of her TRUE fans. Best wishes :)

  11. Its sad to come accross a story of such like this! I can understand where u are coming from but really its a safety thing! If the handler feels just an once of danger or anything like that HE will react! NOT to say u are a danger but if he does feel that way HE reacts so in all HONESTY u are not a young kid who wants her autograph u are a big grown man who may or may not be A SAFTY HAZARD towards GaGa! You may have been VERY intimidating or VERY forward with wanting the autograph! I just think the Handler was just protecting her! I rather have MOTHER MONSTER PROTECTED then anything else!! sorry to say! I am not saying your in the wrong I am just saying for u to look at it in ALL different angles! think outside the box! :) :) Again sorry for what had happen to you!

  12. Will, you are known in the Yorkville area as the annoying guy who loiters around every time a big name is in town. You don't respect these celebrities when the visit or the businesses they go to. Your only concern is to get something signed so you can sell it on eBay, so please spare us your whole "I'm a huge Ga Ga fan" speech because you harass EVERY celeb who comes to town whether you truly are a fan or not, just to make a buck. You are often very pushy and rude which is why I doubt your story, but even now you posting this just a ploy to gain publicity....NEWS FLASH you're nobody!!
    It's sad and pathetic, and I think your behaviour is giving our city a bad name, ok I wouldn't go that far because as I said, you're a NOBODY!!!

  13. To the anonymous above me:
    Will often gives away his signed photographs (look to the right for the many things he's giving away) to fans who haven't had the chance to get it themselves. As he's said, he does this because life is short so why not enjoy it. I myself enjoy waiting around to catch a glimpse of celebrities and perhaps a photograph with them.
    So, I don't agree with a single thing in your post. Please do not go around putting people down like that without getting to know them better.
    Will: Don't give up! And please don't change, I really enjoy reading about your adventures and getting updated on who's in town (:

  14. FYI the guy you keep mentioning with the Lady Gaga t-shirt, he was able to access Gaga so much when she came out because he's meet her many times, she recognized him and called him by name.
    Not saying you should be treated like any less of a fan, just thought you might feel less singled out knowing that's why the handler took his photo up to Gaga to be signed, he's a mega super fan and they know for sure he wouldn't sell anything Gaga gave him or autographed.

  15. what a bastard! sorry that happened to you, Will. If anyone deserves to meet Gaga, it is YOU. x

  16. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, you didn't deserve that. Also shocked to hear that the people around her treat people like that.

  17. Don't worry you will meet her one day:D That guy who pushed you is a douche. I am sure gaga would fire him if she found out. Herself always complained about her body guards. I guess it's just the policies:(