Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Britney Spears in cut Jackass 3-D Scene
Britney Spears made an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live last night along with Johnny Knoxville. It was revealed that she originally had filmed a scene for the latest instalment of the MTV Films franchise, Jackass 3-D. Knoxville told Kimmel that Spears' scene had been cut, to which the Host replied, “Sometimes in Film you have to kill your Babies”. And speaking of Babies, a game Spears is seen in the Clip stating “No. I’m not scared of Poo”, in regards to being a Mother now.

The skit titled The Poo Cocktail Supreme shows Spears getting into a Portable Toilet attached to some Bungee Cords.  She is then flung into the air as its contents splash all over her. Gross. Not sure if this was filmed specifically for her Kimmel appearance or not, but they sure want us to believe this is real. After the stunt, she is seen attacking the Jackass Crew.

Watch the Clip in full below:

Spears is currently on a busy Promotional Tour for her new Disc, Femme Fatale. Read a Review here and win her complete Library here.

(Photo/video credit: ABC)


  1. The Jimmy Kimmel performances were an improvement from GMA’s. I’ll give her that. Her still needs drastic improvement…It still looks like she is uncertain of the steps. That aggressive attack she used to have with her dancing is missing. As for the heels, yes, we are all aware Brit used to dance with heels. However, she is getting older and has suffered from a bad knee injury. She has also gained a few pounds (though, I think she looks great) and is not in the same shape she used to be. Wearing heels is just another unnecessary obstacle getting in the way of putting out a satisfactory performance. She needs to take them off.

  2. Well this is perfect her stans, who along with Rihanna stans dont care about talent anyway.

  3. Want to see her jumping on trample-en. I forgot that that's from another show. LOL