Friday, March 11, 2011


Perhaps Britney Spears’ most focussed Album in quite some time, Femme Fatale delivers Fans what we wanted so badly with 2008’s dark and mysterious Blackout, but this time around she’s present enough to give it the push it deserves. Let’s be honest though – we were left underwhelmed by 2009’s Circus, highly-touted as the Princess of Pop's big Comeback.

Spears delivers hit and hit early-on on this seventh Disc. Second Single Till the World Ends, penned by Ke$ha, Dr. Luke and Max Martin is euphoric, feel-good bliss and in my opinion stronger than its already great and gritty predecessor Hold it Against Me. Inside Out has Spears making a genuine effort vocally, sounding like a potential follow-up Single down-the-road, but not until catchy Max Martin and Shellback-produced I Wanna Go finishes hypnotizing the masses with that infectious whistle hook it possesses.

Big Fat Bass ft. feels a bit like a misfire, relegated to a spot later on the Disc along with Trip to Your Heart, which surprisingly is forgettable without a proper Chorus especially considering its proper pedigree of Producers Bloodshy, Jonback and Magnus. Another contribution from that trio, the entrancing How I Roll, is much more poignant as is Seal it with a Kiss with its undeniable “woo ooh” hook, taking a cue from Duck Sauce’s hit Barbra Streisand.

The only crime which closing number Criminal commits is its obvious homage to a Madonna of past and present with its Papa Don’t Preach-like defiance and guitar-driven Electronica, perhaps a little reminiscent of Miles Away?

Britney rarely disappoints and Femme Fatale is no exception to this fact of life. The Album from Sony Music, hits stores Tuesday, March 29, 2011 in Standard and Deluxe Editions. Grade: A

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  1. Her greatest album yet! Freaking awesome!

  2. Femme Fatale is a great album, Spears knows how to craft pop music. She is capable of putting out well polished modern dance music, she truly keeps it moving