Thursday, March 3, 2011


Still from The Adjustment Bureau
The first telling sign of a troubled Film always is multiple delays with its release and The Adjustment Bureau is no exception to that rule. David Norris (Matt Damon) is a charismatic, young Politician who has everything going for him until his aspirations are derailed by a Photo Scandal. He has a chance to change it all though with secret forces known as The Adjustment Bureau, working behind-the-scenes to change his Fate. Doing so however would result in him not being together with the one Woman he loves most, a Ballet Dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt).

Finding that the forces of nature cannot help but pull them together, David is stuck between being passionately in love and  both he and Elise never realizing their full potentials, which would mean that success in their careers would be compromised.  Realizing this, David yields to The Adjustment Bureau's advice to stay away from Elise who has the potential of becoming a world-class Dancer, but ultimately he realizes that he cannot do without her.  Is it too late though?  Will the Bureau succeed in keeping David from Elise?

On paper, The Adjustment Bureau would appear rather heartfelt and visceral, but it gets lost in all of first-time Director/Screenwriter George Nolfi's Science Fiction-lite which try to elevate it beyond what The Adjustment Bureau truly is.  Despite all the undertones of Free Will winning over Pre-destiny in a debate as old as Time, this still is a Love Story - what Nolfi should have stuck with.

It is a pleasure as always to see Richardson (Mad Men's John Stattery) and Thompson (veteran Terence Stamp) on-screen as the men who keep David in-line and as always, Blunt and Damon make it hard to keep your eyes off-the-screen.  Unfortunately though, Nolfi fails to bring anything remarkable, new or rewarding to the table.  Universal Pictures' The Adjustment Bureau hits theatres March 4, 2011Grade: C

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