Friday, February 4, 2011


Justin Bieber with Bodyguard Kenneth Hamilton
Look who got arrested! Kenneth Hamilton, Bodyguard to Canada's pride and joy Justin Bieber, was just arrested in New York City on assault charges. An incident took place at the London Hotel last November when Bieber was there for a Meet & Greet at Barnes & Noble Book Store.

Hamilton had shoved a Paparazzi, Jason Nicholas, causing minor injury apparently. Nicholas claims he was at the Hotel trying to photograph another Celebrity, when Bieber had shown up. Trying to seize the opportunity, he attempted to snap a picture of Bieber.

The arrest took place right before Bieber, who was just in Toronto this past Tuesday to promote his latest Documentary Never Say Never 3-D (see my coverage here). Hamilton seen in the Photo I took above, had accompanied him to the Premiere and yes I can confirm, he was aggressive indeed. I know at least one person who has reported being shoved away by him.

Did Hamilton get what he deserves?  Perhaps it's time for a new Bodyguard, Biebs!

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. WIll, a new Kingston single feature the Biebs has been released. Just wondering what your opinion on the song is. Review? :)